Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Occupy My Kitchen

Ok. we get it. Monsanto and other MegaFood Corporations are doing really bad things to the environment, to animals, to independent farmers, and very likely, to all humans. Just on general principal, we should try to eliminate Big Ag from our diets.

But what exactly does that mean for New Yorkers? Where can we find NonMonsanto food? Will it cost more in time and money? Can we afford it? Is it realistic to expect individual consumers to ban Big Ag from their tables?

One of our group members has decided to make it her New Year's resolution to eliminate Monsanto and Big Ag from her kitchen and will share this project with whomever wants to come along.

Project: Occupy My Kitchen or...Keep the One Percent Off My Table

Brought to you by the Food and Environmental Justice Working Group of Occupy Queens

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